It's time for our Club Sleepover

Our next Sleep Over will be this Saturday, December 3, 2016. The sleep over will begin at 5pm Saturday where the kids will participate in a variety of games throughout the evening. It's a fun evening at the Club and a night off for the parents. The fee per child for dinner is $10. The following morning is our monthly Club Mass. The Club kids will be participating in the singing and reading at the mass. It's a great way to start your Sunday.

Permission slips are available in the Club Office.

Only the kids attending the Club Mass on Sunday will be allowed to attend the sleep over.

We are looking for missing uniforms. Please check around for any of our uniforms. We are missing a number of basketball uniforms so please help us out and check for any Salesian uniforms that haven't been returned.

Our Lost n Found runneth over

Please take a moment to check our 'lost n found'. Located just inside our front door to the left. If your son or daughter is missing a school sweater or that brand new Under Armour sweatshirt, chances are those items have found their way into our lost and found.

To help us get missing items back to your child, please consider labeling the items.


Fund Raising Schedule

December 2016

Mothers' Club Christmas Luncheon - December 3

January 2017
Cioppino Dinners - January 7, 14

February 2017
Cioppino Dinner - February 4

March 2017
Dinner Dance at the Fairmont - March 4
Musical - March 17 & 18

May 2017
Old Timer's - May 1
Women's Reunion - May 1
Golf Tournament - May 18-20

June 2017
Bocce Tournament - June 24

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